June 29, 2017




She won’t roll away & not watch me.

Y’see, I won’t  seem to take,

When I dream (or I wake).

to take  another breath  before

The scene fades, before

lights go up

then down  to more of a zoom.

She waits in our bedroom for me to resume.


We went to go to a yoga class.

Where a barefooted, hairpleated group leader;

beautiful, and calmer than a

merciful last coma,

She insisted that our deep breath is

the gist of all of it  (within, & out).

We rearrange the short & tall of it.

The Gist to change the depth, see,

of our sea of possibillity.

When we inhale

we rememorize  our own gods.

We exhale our hell.  barefoot.  on a mat.

Whew. To all that.


When I get to go to the Gulf of Mexico

I’ll try out  into the drink,  1st thing.

I’ll try not to think when I try to let go

&  sink when I deadman’s float all day,

into what I think of as a spiritual drift, in a way.

I’ll hold onto my breath,

face down,

head down.



  1. My favourite bit was ‘whew to all that.’

  2. When we inhale

    we rememorize our own gods.

    We exhale our hell. barefoot. on a mat.

    Superb writing. ~PR

  3. beautiful meditation on… meditation in poem wrap

  4. jillianmrks said

    This is the best piece I have read on WP in years. Excellent work 🙂 A perfectly woven tapestry of abstract with concrete. Emotion with intellect. I just love it. “Merciful last coma”–Gorgeous.

  5. jillianmrks said

    Reblogged this on JILLIAN MARKS and commented:
    I never re-blog, but here goes my first. Fantastic poem.

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