W E A R S / A G A I N S T / M I D / A I R

October 1, 2018

My uneasy manner may wear
Against a midnight and on
Persistent are
Green bottle shards

again & again
Against a reef

a Lighthouse
over sees

yet overlooks

4 Responses to “W E A R S / A G A I N S T / M I D / A I R”

  1. I don’t know how to like this so here’s to you getting “oversees” before I got it, damn. Excellent frame of thought.

    • namelessneed said

      I don’t know how to like this either, and as far as “getting it” goes.. just go easy. Uneasy friction, “Bad”/ Go easy “:Good”

  2. namelessneed said

    Imaginary Friends, My Readers listen up
    December 7, 2018
    Brand new website without all those effin adverts, commercial interruptions,
    basically uninvited strangers. distracting us
    But You…I re-invite you
    So if you are subscribed.. subscribe again! there’s gotta be a subscribe button somewhere
    I’m at namelessneedblog.wordpress.com
    (I think there must be a mailbox there too I’m thinkin)
    if you wanna paste me into favorites (where I was before, right?) I paste easy enough
    let me spill my guts for you guys. like Tom Waits sings “Step Right Up!”

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