August 13, 2015

Some girls forget what they get.
Some know,  but don’t know enough,  to go  let it go.
Some girls might save & hide it all night, then days
Bite the bullet. But I know
It could come off in their face.
The first thing/ I’m home/
All the tall drink I own/ & breakfast/
Down the hall,to my own  in her nest.
She lets me in, secretly signalling
In our speakeasy codes, a speakeasy knock,
And I’m in.
A lock.


I must discuss

A dark circus is in town

A boy in a spin, and trees swing around

He drops, and the swing stops

New dewfrost falls, he’s lost

In all the bare trees


A heavy disguise

Could be of use here

So cover your eyes, please

Your lover’s indecent

And trying on lies

His heart’s denying hard here

It’s a fact;  Abstract lies


Squeezebox  hymns  seem

To squish by inbetween

Aligned  treebark

Lighted & Loudened by a fullmooncloud

Lions let free/  Dark

Circus tonight and if I might

Mix in that crowd

A heavy disguise could

Be of some use


November 18, 2013

There’s a place where palaces

are warm enough for night,

but liable    though comfortable they

Put out sure shade  all the daylight .Day anyway..


There’s a face  we would wear one night.

Make our mates


To Recognize

the new guy’s


once it’s light.


Around, there’s birdsong, seep’d the walls;

Profound in,  pulsing palace darks.


Daybird sings, and replaces things.

Beats simmer back, Solace embarks.





.                                                                                             (from 2009)


October 5, 2012

We came early, & drifted off at the drive-in triple feature;

The last of which..the gist I guess..

A  religious  epic.

Though,  In this version

There’s a ghost in most of the rooms,

They’re suggested  each chapter.

The hero’s  a clown. & The man is a virgin.

He wears a bird bone  near his neck,

A leather bag, He has stowed in..deep..

Eleven numbers  &  notions.

Sure, he’ll ‘ suffer  predictable and/or intolerable


And when come  martyrdom,

We’re all safely asleep.



August 27, 2012

It’s the quicksand edge of a rain squall

It’s a sick man on the ledge of it all

It’s the shore shifting in a violent fright

In a midnight storm

In a maybe might/

A long winter before the glint and glimmer

of words  onto daybreak’s birdsong,

When enough  renewal’s  been suffered to,

Enough  burning  and churning and yearning

has been  laboured  through






.                                                                   (2009)

Dreamy Rhyminder

August 7, 2012

I could close my eyes  now

I would doze off or die, no

But you’d be  surprised  how

Metaphysical  I feel

I’d bet a bicycle  I’d really


To resume my alter ego

As one who wouldn’t falter, who’d use his Get-Go

&  get all his options  cleared for take off.

Like Consequences, Early

June 18, 2012


As rising tides of daylight’s ocean/

Slice wide  through the blinds & the shrubs behind the blinds,/

The sun,/

Regretfilled notions/

Upset upon me   1  by  1/


“..Only because you loved me so wonderfully

I lived to pullulate

Your dreams..”                         -Greek poet Maria Polydouri





Nights  ago my big  ole  moon goes

right gauze-skirting inside a night cloud

Once I saw this,  honestly,

It’s a black & white flicker

It’s a late, late, late show. It’s “The Letter”,

“I walked With A Zombie”, “The Third Man”,

Something is going on

Like under a magicians handkerchief

Something is gonna happen

We go darker into shadow

&  It’s Eminent  &  Soon

If we should  just  catch & notice

god’s shiny icon in a gauze skirt






I’ll be.

There’re  black bears

Blundering about

Just outside the see-through.

I’ll wind up & throw a shine to it

When I mean to, maybe might,

Face out to all a full moon might

chase out of all their usual shadows.

I’ll be.

There’re  black bears.

They’re there,  and only

Threateningly  near  as

I’ve not allowed  free roaming  room,

I’ve got them crowded

Inside a lens,  inside a zoom.



Transpiring  dramas drift  life’s stage;

Revelations!   Felled nations!    Failed relations.

Transforming,  as time

“Turns  a  page”.

More  profoundly  he

“Turns  a  phrase”.







(from a full moon a hundred years ago)




“Solemness”s not the only noun

That best states the state I found

Myself drowning in.

I’m quieter this hour , and long past another

Where I worried,  When  I wondered

I guess as it goes as a boy in the throes

Of a late night alone, of a faith underdose,

and no mother w/

“If I die before I sleep”

“Apprehensive” says it also.

An appreciative hospital with the wherewithal,  they’ll


Me  and yescheck my symptoms.

I’ll finally sleep & they keep me for observation.

I’ll finally be on their watch instead of mine.




(half a thousand nights back)

Uneasy/ Hard Candies

April 21, 2012

ONE,  he’s  awoken/

Uneasy & broken some night scenes still/

He’s soaked, & might seem shaken/

He sees  he seems  he’s shaking/

He wanders Up for water/

She says he should shower/

He sits with her in his chair.  still/

She said soon She’ll come back to the bedroom for some comfort/

He requests & requires her/

To pull along  the most merciful cat,/

The kindest cat.



TOO,  You liked it I bet./

I lit yr. cigarette,/

A gesture I saw up late./



Our love of olives,/

Sweet cheeses,  lime,/

We’ll have avocados/

We’ll  happily  dare/

Shiny,  stilllife   apples, bare,/

We’ll  halve  them./



I’ll have  yr. crucial kisses/

(Mainly making me manly) Crucial kisses/

Are as crucial as/

Hard candies/

In a Grande Hotel for Grannies./