My Plea, Sure.

November 4, 2014

I loved  under my breath

Just above the collar-

Back of her moon-colored sundress.

Hold on  to my breath

Hold, and I holy hope

Right forthright for our portal opening

& if we’d once/ Go take this chance

This  achy  slow  dance,

This must leave heaven

Just one heave away


March 10, 2014


Only fools wouldn’t, or would,  notice

This young god walking in stalks of sway grass,

Grass the color of irish sea spray.

Seems she recognized me too.

I bet it was this one side of her peculiar, porcelain face,

Silhouetting  a small half-smile

That would & could encourage me

To love her

Even more.





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Waiting Room Dream

May 4, 2011

All are going on/

on how long it is/

waiting in a sweat/

brain sluggishing/

without a book/

he shuts his eyes and shook/

on  to an italian/

beach where the sky crushes bodies;

a spatula.  He’ll head up alleyways/

head close back to their flat where/

in bedclothes that look like dancer’s tights/

she’ll all  be at a balcony’s/

swaying  gauze  curtains/

 surveying   all our nights.