C H A N C E S/ A R E

May 12, 2020


I’m immune.

Or, I’d use precautions

For yr considerations, then.

“It’s worth the risks”, went

This washed-up high-wire act,

This misfortune forced his bewilderment,

Abandoned in this barren field, in fact.


I’m immune, y’know.

Let me get go through my window.





April 15, 2020

They have severe concern/ They have fear

They even give voice to it/ Close to chaos here

Some of us imagine us just assuming first symptoms

Some of us don’t imagine at all/ but when it comes

I wouldn’t pray/ that it couldn’t slay me

We all guard our house of cards/ Queens and aces

But we’re one wind away./ All our upturned faces.

I shouldn’t pray/ that is shouldn’t lay me/ down

I’m old as a weed/ & haven’t lived like I loved it/




February 1, 2020


I’ve dreamt.  I forget..

I only kept

One excerpt, one clip

I took back

Here to look back to


You may see way down

To two  in the water,

Not drowned.

You could see that down there,

That they were freely moving.



We ride out on

That river of grasses,

And that  for a while now

Made for the miles

Between us.


We’d ride out on

The one door, the one

We always want open.

We’d ride one door,

Still open

Wide to a wide world.




December 9, 2019

We’ll go back to the willows

We’ll go back to our willows

And to our river’s stillness,  no,

It’s constant as rivers go.

We’ll lend our laps as pillows.

And watch our water

Littered with new leaves

Wet on one side,

It’s lit…a sun jewel

& you’ll be sunny too.





Splash something stronger at the base of my pint glass

It’s more fertile earth

For to birth the guts & gas

One might need at night

To go on & drive clear off

Dark high-wire highways

Onto red dirt, rolling on cooling red dirt, to dead ends

So bleak a laugh comes out as a clearing cough



October 12, 2019

Maybe I can meet you

After my shift, hell after all my shifts

I’ll come to you from the usual dark

The black from the outside

Will brighten some on your skin

We’ll be less dissatisfied



If  when  we  go  off

With all of our ghosts, when we lift

We’ll come to ditch the usual dark

That black from outside

With more tempered dreams to venture

To be less dissatisfied


August 24, 2019

I LONG to stay stabbing, & stay above

The sullen, crestfallen  long run of things.


ALONG our river, a song, not near, comes outa corridor

Firelight on a black and white picture. Above.

One  man  walks  on  red  leaves

In a black & white picture  of

The long run of things.


A  LONE  man,  leaves,  and dawn

Draping him.  Not much

Escape for him, in the long run of things.




.theLouis-Philippe Bridge

Le pont Louis-Philippe vu à travers le pont Marie (version flou), circa 1935

[From the Réunion des Musées Nationaux]


February 7, 2019

All oncoming traffic headlit my shadows, just behind this parapet

No, that’s not the word, really

Not that word, a good word though

Like “peripatetic”   for me

You,  “peridot”.


Oncoming traffic’s shadows brush me rough

I’m tucked in a kinda cove  in some lemon grove

I’m sitting it out  for a breakout

Once the sun’s out

I’ll turn & make out for greener pastures

I’ll make up for  what they seen as grave errors.



December 31, 2018




I told them all  it’s doldrums

All the 12 months long

I expressed it every xmassy card

I dotted every I  with frowns

I exclaimed it to all these clowns


I fear it’s been a bear market

But I bet & bet my best/ But I failed to divest

But man, it’s only money

But where  all that woulda got me

On a ticket outa here


So I told them all  It’s doldrums

I’ve stayed standing in a stagnant river

My luck, my ebb lost it’s suck

& my flow flounders  my Go

I know this new year, I can just know

“I  gotta  blast, bro'”


Later, near midnight, past my last beer,

Past the traditional tribal Mexican feast

Later, at least near midnight,  past her

Fast asleep,   past  the  year,

I’ll sail to something  I can’t name.

I can get a candle  & focus  on it’s flame.





(photo:”midnight poetry”/GR MELVIN


September 28, 2018

Mostly most of my lovers I’ve let go, they still know

I’m  faithful.

Y’know, that by belittling me..(so I’m blanketing you with just talk?)

Go shut down your psychic powers

I’ve just put in twelve hours

At the hospital reteaching my much better half how to walk.


She fell off her horse in a storm.

Lightening spooked both of them  the same time.

The dumb animal stood by her/  in all the wet.

It might have just bolted/  the thunder said “Go!”

The Wild  and men are meant to just go.

I’ve pity, not hatred  not yet

Alive,  but domesticated, caught in its net