You can’t write the clear biography
of the aches and pains inside your skull”

~ Harrison from Skull /  Songs of Unreason




Stoicism is a prison

Though I break out

Though I break down

Through the pull of a merciful act

Then I’m old and too weak to hold back

I can imagine a troubled

Panicked angel tangled double;

One cat caught in a grate

A girl unfair in a wheelchair

Nears and dares her balance, her endurance, her tolerance

Strains all of her weight

Shows the pain that she’s used to on her face

Then relief, and they’re both free

She and the cat both refuse to

Cry more,

Like those that might see


May 14, 2018

A windowseat is great

In an all night diner

It was unfair the Airport

Shorted  me  enough

Stuffed me, a long-legged  man

With a long-winded rant

I stifled in my windowseat.


My legs were cropped up crinkled

Like the babies sitting next me

Their cries exited and were emitted freely

Some cries  deep inside  deep inside me.


I bet one windowseat would be great

In a darkened diner

My inner world would wander

That  eighteen  wheeler

Lots of legroom  not so tight

Roads to walk  upright



I know  a show of hands

Could go help  solidify

Some  Freedom Solidarity

In  some look-in lobster  tank.


Odds are  dismal to abysmal.

IF I can be more frank,

When the  independent  finch, for instance,

Finds her very own  airy currents home,

It’s a cinch  she might not light

(Her, broken on a branch?)  (perchance)


When It’s one chance

We had once gone

before  on the long ground,

We  look  down.



April 17, 2016

I could, by unbinding, ease up  by inches

I just could  cease finding my itches

Intolerable, and irremediable

It could  be that by trying

To untangle, to untie lines  and

That not only the knotted, like burls in an oak,

But all that nestles, like the nettles across my chest ache

I could, unbinding, unbuckle, unshackle some,

Unbridle  abit.

I  could  go.




.                (from 2012)


December 16, 2015

Maybe there’d be no way/ I could pay the cost/

Of  her  loss.

Far from that regular regret/

I’d be sure to be insular

Damned with that debt

Of  her  loss.


Waking away from that fast break, not

Scraping out that last brick (at last), not (at least)

Escaping, sky free,  to flee East.


I bet I’d get her a pagoda.




(image: “Porcelain Pagoda”, Bertha Lum, 1936)


September 22, 2015

For where I’ve furtively gone

To see the sideshow again

A short glass is poured/

His suitcase secured/

Usual confusion loosens all the stops

To go  &  forgo this wait   or aim to

Get out the gate   and on to

The Big Top.




.                          (from half a dozen years ago, but still not a lie)


August 14, 2015

I know  a show of hands

Could go help solidify

Some Freedom Solidarity

In  a  lobster  tank.


Odds are  dismal to abysmal.

IF I can be more frank,

When the  independent  finch, for instance,

Finds her very own  airy currents home,

It’s a cinch  she just might not light

(Broken on a branch)


It’s a chance

She’s gone before on the ground.



August 5, 2015

It’s good I guess that guilt ignore me

And better yet,  that  regret may

forget me, unknown,  after it all goes down.

Actually,  clowns,

Surely cloistered  in cells near,

Surely watch the latches,

They’re keen for keys that wait inside them, some;

Compromises, cast in a cold metal fit.

Here’s the thing;

The king knows nothing if not

To let them  spring them open,

Anxious, fast toward the lights,  pass massive

Ancient doorways.

Gone, they get off to make fun

For themselves.




.                                             (from 2009)


September 26, 2014

Court fans helped cool it all down.

They  called  it

On account of a hung jury.

Collective  unconscious,

Jung’s blurred things,

His thinking slurred all the town.

The thing is, I’m thinking,

Not “It’s a hot July”,

As the massive Law’s doors

Miss and swing by and behind me,

But “It’s way tres’ cool for a hot July.”


Flickering OPen

December 26, 2012

“No sudden moves”,

The armed guides

Confided it all

At cathedrals.


for the most part  you start

to get in new rhythms.

your urges  change to choice

to not relenting to Rejoice!

& dance incantations.

You can do


We can go

…….free us

calm  focus  candles

(call for us  candles)

We can clandestinely

……see us