July 9, 2020



There ought better be a beacon

On a pacific coast cliff could be

Where hope’s light works with sea horn

Where here a night light works without warning

It forces & forges the blackest fog & forests


There can be a candle

in a window with enough heat

to fire the hearth

to light one lone solitary stone room







”Writing is nothing more than a guided dream” -Jorge Luis Borges

It does/  despite a dozen plagued days & plagued nights/


What I heard on hope/  at least/

& what’s more / Before/ true peace/

Can come  & stay/

Whiskey/ we’ll have to hold out/

Oh/  I’ll hold on/  for some more memory/

I’ll wait out/ dark matter endlessly/

I’ll Stall all  possibility/

& Staying dark/ is not work for me/

Just  sayin /  “Mark my wordspill”/

I’m still falling still/

Into true

True love



March 29, 2020


I’ve seen a winter and some spring

Since I’ve seen a winning hand.

But I’m at a loss to say

About Hoping.

It’s far-fetched to say

I’ve not far to fall,

But it’s best & for the best,

For once,  when tears would fall.

I’m meant not to miss all this.

It could be

It could  go.







Discerning the meaning of

This lantern, in a dream,

You carried  while leading & lighting our way

All the way in to .. until the still pond.

This can be a simple one,

That torch is a symbol;

We Hope now  for  magic!

we might resign to/ yr kind light  on our plight.

O’  We just might  go  plea.

We could just go down as, at least,


For our freeing  Might





November 23, 2019



Every day hailstorms,

An ordinary miracle,

Softens gravitas.


All this laid to waste.

Here’s my dump truck of good luck.

In-not-long strong sprouts

Will no doubt green up the place.

I’ll no doubt surely surface.



greenDitch1“GREEN DITCH”



December 31, 2018




I told them all  it’s doldrums

All the 12 months long

I expressed it every xmassy card

I dotted every I  with frowns

I exclaimed it to all these clowns


I fear it’s been a bear market

But I bet & bet my best/ But I failed to divest

But man, it’s only money

But where  all that woulda got me

On a ticket outa here


So I told them all  It’s doldrums

I’ve stayed standing in a stagnant river

My luck, my ebb lost it’s suck

& my flow flounders  my Go

I know this new year, I can just know

“I  gotta  blast, bro'”


Later, near midnight, past my last beer,

Past the traditional tribal Mexican feast

Later, at least near midnight,  past her

Fast asleep,   past  the  year,

I’ll sail to something  I can’t name.

I can get a candle  & focus  on it’s flame.





(photo:”midnight poetry”/GR MELVIN

a bad fall at the stables

August 28, 2018

this disastrous matter is
unexpected of course
a bad fall at the stables
the first thing you whispered to my ear on your chest
once the breathing apparatuses were out
was that  it wasn’t LB’s fault

I’ll have you home alone for some time.
for now I’ll go home alone
Another old thing
I might say  I might tope me some

it might this night help me cope some
another old thing
I’ll bust out hope  just a modicum


June 3, 2018

“I feel my failure intensely
as if it were a vital organ”
– Jim Harrison




It’s more than coincidence how

That “pillow” rhymes with  “shadow”.

If I had to,

& the sense  to know,

I’d set dark dreams aside.

If I lied some, & thought things

As tied up,

I’d fake it some, I’d hope

For another wide enough break,

& more loose rope,

& this broken cup

I hold my spirits up.




Maybe I’m madly wrong
My perspective’s askew.

Driving here drowsy, & now all along
I’ve dreamt there is time to see it all through.
Could be I’m way off.  Way off course.
My Heart’s compass’s needle must still be true.

A cloudy road’s option is straight on, of course
Seemingly there would be one way  to drive through.
Maybe I’m madly wrong
My POV’s askew
Driving here lousy, & now all along
I’ve dreamt there was time to see it all through


February 14, 2018



I loved   just under my breath

Just above the collar-

Toward the back of her moon-colored sundress.

Hold on  to my breath

Hold,   & I holy hope

Right forthright for our portal opening

& if we’d once/ Go take this chance

This  achy  slow  dance is done today

This must  go & leave  t’heaven

Just one heave away