Landscape W/ Red Roots

February 21, 2018



Mangroves  exposed

I suppose  I’m still  within

Walking  trees?

I bet it’s the breeze exposed stalks

Meant deep in the loamy dirts

I Kick through my feet still walk.

Let go away from the vision’s skirts.

Toddle off,

To Twist over a vista he sees

To a view he can see, One he will see.




chaim soutine

Chaim  Soutine’s–“Landscapes With Red Roofs”

Clad for show  outside the bank

(He had to know)  to hide the dirt,

In beyond the pens and clerks,

The shit considered sacrosanct.


November 5, 2012







Before  I can

Finally rest in peace

I hope  I can

Film  my  masterpiece

Hope I’m around

To get down  One P.O.V.

Though  honestly

Once embroiled in the dour

Toil & task  I’d more

Likely  less honestly…

I’d allude to  motion pictures’

Laws of illusion, facts mixed with fictions

And when signing off very late

Off to their too soft waiting cinema seats

(“Out there in the dark”)

I’d tout   toujour perdrix

French for “Too much of a good thing”, Oui?

As  the last resolve.

I doubt I’d  frame it all

In the ole  fade out

I’d bet  I’d settle for

A  last  dissolve.


December 9, 2009

For a fog moon to furnish imagery

for a folktune where god wears a gauze skirt

and her veils are gauzy also

and she makes a mind wander

and her beauty as a gypsy

clouds all misery

loud  with clarity

as a harsh sun must show one

the world scoured over.

We would want  again  and miss the mystery

Maya  makes  the sky.