November 5, 2012








I’m just in a need to imagine/

Try..See the sensuous sounds/

Tremendous noises that fireworks pounds &

Drums out  to all that come out

To sit and see, or try to see

(veracity and reds on closed eyelids)

where a hill should be./




.                                  “Remember/ The 5th of November!”- John Lennon, from “Remember”

Have a Guy Fawkes day

Leaf Shadows Wild

October 29, 2012

There is indignity  this city

Shouldn’t see  from me.

We wouldn’t want it continuing.

I’m advised to restrict public showing.

And sunrise is up

And 1st  to say

It’s not good,

It  should not

See the light of day.

Tonight tho’   I say

When storm winds

Blow  shadows,

Leaf  shadows wild,

What might be imagined

Stands on stage,

And acts out

Just now  written out

I tried to maintain straightfacedness


Is  taking  paintings’  places

At our public art palaces.”

Said a sad man in line, up ahead,



Detail  has its beauty..but the thing

Is..A twin image is less interesting.”

This made me mention McLuhan,

Not the man, but the manuscripts I read.


It amazes me how I heart the hazy art,

The work we co-create;

The “unfinished”  poem we read our way

Then we’re on our way to one ending,

I know this exquisite piano piece

Close yr eyes, you visit new  skies, and no ending,

The abstract film, the blurry print..

All a happy accident..that hits you.


Oh we went on and on,

This man in line and me,

“The Wisdom of Impressionism”

We agreed it would indeed

Go on and on and on.

It’s intentionally

Ill defined.

A painter puts on a mark

Three steps back

Have a looksee

Advance three steps

Add some more  to see

Three steps back


One two and one   dip and dab

one two  one  three

Stand back and see