February 27, 2015

She’s got a cotton nightgown.

Gracing a terrace, with sea  &  citylights, downtown.

I’m facing her, taking terrific pictures,

With my eyes, and with  all my might.

She spins some, specific with; “And I  know  lightening.”


I contend,


When  honestly watched,

Starts  in  intention.

When looked at, no nonsense,

Before it cums sneezing  out,

When all one world,  as it appears,

Is  appraised,

It’s  appeased

By  half hard facts

&  a ton of impressions

To   meagerly manipulate

A clay  reclaimed


October 5, 2012

We came early, & drifted off at the drive-in triple feature;

The last of which..the gist I guess..

A  religious  epic.

Though,  In this version

There’s a ghost in most of the rooms,

They’re suggested  each chapter.

The hero’s  a clown. & The man is a virgin.

He wears a bird bone  near his neck,

A leather bag, He has stowed in..deep..

Eleven numbers  &  notions.

Sure, he’ll ‘ suffer  predictable and/or intolerable


And when come  martyrdom,

We’re all safely asleep.



September 28, 2012




.I hate that

It came out  not right

Translating  with all my might

I misspoke.. you mistook…

I’d cracked a crooked smile, not smirk

I’d factored in the farcical

Nature  of  nature.





It’s that  it’s sad that

Few hymns  from pews  will praise

Coincidented   chaos.

Sad, we’re not force-fed all the fanciful

Nature  of  nature.


If I wanted more vague distraction

That wouldn’t be a map

That I threw into our convertible

Onto yr adorable lap

With a compass

And all those stars

When  the company you keep

Must need to finally get a bead on,   and stay

The course  of his only way

It’s not been my story  to take inventory/

It’s  I can’t even fake  worry

About what I have, What I would want/

I suppose  I could pose  but I can’t/

It’s  said/

An  unexamined  life

Is  good  as  dead/

I said/

A body afloat, & solid thoughts will float too, y’know/

Lofty thoughts  not  caught  can ride

On all tides  High and low

This Latest Good Go List

August 11, 2012

A good Go list will stop

Them from retracing our steps


Show  sure  feet,

Clear sight,

Carry more than you might

As you must make it right

With the armed Might   at the borders.


When then they’re taking my orders,

Make my misteaks   rare.

You have too much at stake

To half-care.


I can’t have us cave

On  our  manifesting

Many of the rest of our fantasies

That fasten us.


We’ll see to them, intensely,

We’ll  fix  our  gazes.

Then, we’ll begin to quickfix,

To quiet our night and days.

And  we  can  enact, enable

One free & tender contentedness.

Dreamy Rhyminder

August 7, 2012

I could close my eyes  now

I would doze off or die, no

But you’d be  surprised  how

Metaphysical  I feel

I’d bet a bicycle  I’d really


To resume my alter ego

As one who wouldn’t falter, who’d use his Get-Go

&  get all his options  cleared for take off.

gold & ivory

August 3, 2012




s t I N K



of all the lies

in the air

that this liar

is truly unaware of

(is  ’truly’  the right word?)

of all the lies

casual and caressing therein

the air current  sweetened in

night-blooming  jasmine

(  ’current’/now  is the correct word?)

the golden ones have come from…

(I’ve told em.   All alchemy)

emboldened lies, all born, I imagine,

from an open pen draining onto pages,


from nothing.








Shiny gold pen when an old

Shade-off light bulb

(it can be a candle)

Best Klieg-lights this crèche ,

Best showcases this birthplace.


On my knees

To lure verities,  (surely,  scour our trees)

To cure maladies,

Wrest fallacies from unsound foundations,

Whisper one less lonely

Wise,  recognizable incantation.

Take this shiny gold pen…!


It’s nearby,  go forth,  go further.

I clear my path,

&  Go over…

&  I’ve  Ivory!

Simba’ s  mammoth  cemetary!

(they must go deep)

Precious sunned bones poised on as symbols

Archetexture   actually

I take a sacred see of symmetry