September 4, 2020



Most guys get it why
Boss guys butcher up their numbers,
Ditch their data, hell, I imagine
They imagine new numbers altogether.






when the machinations of team Fla. gov. Desantis
and the Lyin King group continue their manipulations, their  numbers…



August 23, 2020





The Beast, The Beauty
At least/ god help me, We had
Promised on no lies

I had dishonestly left off
My  paralysis near off
The love I have not left love
Why I’d choose to bruise this world…
With cowardice, stalling to

Drop it all, live my calling
I don’t want to lose this girl


March 10, 2020


It’s the last page

The legal pad is over

At a fast pace

Just words have wandered off

I just waited for them to come

I just guess waiting is for the best


It’s the last page

Which will never fill all out

Like a life will fill a face

Just stories scar the drafts of

Fictitious faces with..within these eyes

I just guess telling, sounds like, is for the best


It’s the end page

The yellow pad is over

Seems like magic seems to be the case

Just word poems merely Grace the page

“Only I can keep my hearts claim”

I just guess poetry is unknowingly for the best







March 10, 2020


I may make a little make-believe

But I bet when I typeset my type;

Chisel gray poems for the foreign to read,

I’ll stand by all stories I tell the wife.

On the stand, I’ll perjure myself to myself.

But then there’s a fierce fire, uncontrolled,

when I hear, “he’s a liar, so I’m told.”


What I say, when I must is

Only partially, & hardly to blame.

The code me & my god go by

Only improbably applies.

Only I can keep my heart’s claim.






(for sunni, honestly)



October 7, 2019


Here’s… far from hardly a chink in his ardor.

His duplicitousness

Is more than obvious

To himself most of all.

A double agent deepbreathing quiet

So dominoes don’t fall.


Here’s far from hardly a mark on his honor.

His cowardice.

He can cover less & less

From himself least of all.

Bravery he saves to muster Love enough

To face away nothing , & Praise all..

s t I N K
of all the lies
in the air
that this liar
is truly unaware of
(is ’truly’ the right word?)
of all the lies
casual and caressing there
the air currents n
night blooming jasmine
(is ’current’ the correct word?)
My golden ones have come from…
(I’ve told em. All alchemy.)
emboldened lies, all born, I imagine,
from an open pen draining onto pages,
from nothing.
Shiny gold pen when an old
Shade-off light bulb
(it can be a candle)
Best Klieg-lights this crèche ,
Best showcases this birthplace.
On my knees
To lure verities, (surely, scour our trees)
To cure maladies,
Wrest fallacies from unsound foundations,
Whisper one less lonely
Wise, recognizable incantation.
Take this shiny gold pen…!
It’s nearby, go forth, go further.
I clear my path,
& Go over…
& I’ve Ivory!
Simba’ s mammoth cemetery!
(they must go in deep)
Precious sunned bones poised on as symbols
Archetexture actually
I take a sacred see of symmetry




December 31, 2017

picasso is said to have said

“Art  is the lie that tells the truth”.

seems  if he did, seems valid.


(Though  some tries  along these lines

can only shine as sly & slippery lies)


His muy good joke/

& lucky for our sake/

Actually/  the accidental awaits

us/  Fog & smoke machines make

bonfire smoke signals rise up

until unreasonably  sound  Beauty clears/

Us holding the pen? we’re  without a net nor warm blanket.






Sure, sweating stallions are dynamic

& may have beauty

but some  Clomp! the blossoms

god & me made.

clods  now

Muscles Quip

June 26, 2017

I confess

My prowess is

To wait & to watch &

To wit  if fate slips me a quip

Take a sip & reassess then readdress

The matter  no later than  now



Evidently a Lie / Obviously obtusely Truth;

It’s meant to be  a pair of documents,

Y’see, But I signed both.


Caught, I could  share   the clench

He put on that  pair of documents.


Bright lights washed this whiteish room.

The solemness thing   a candle brings,

Though I searched,  all the shadows had no shade in this room.


We digressed some away from

the heart of the matter

When he stressed  my stories were

fog & mirror


I’m sure I concurred  that if

Scenes and factors shift

From tellings to retellings,

It seems the fact is   seeming  shifty.


My “But plainly, a  planned  lie,

A tall Alibi, that had ironclad  unchanging,

‘Mimicry!’  is one word-for-word bed story,

Read to children.


Isn’t that  one good bet

That wins & sets the liar free?”


I think he let it sink in, and then set.


“And you expect me to reject

Classic casebook investigation technique

& instead of  doubting inconsistency,

Instead ..One consistent story

Is a tell tale “good bet”

for Guilty?  And yet,

changing ones tune again & again  is uniquely

Honest?   it’s best to revise to clarify..

As one more clearly

recalls  new  old  details?

Just as pieces of night dreams

Resurface  into..Really??!”



“Um, yes.”





.                                       (from long ago, or maybe not)


February 13, 2017



Here’s   far from hardly   a chink in his ardor

His duplicitness

Is  super  obvious

To himself  most of all

A double agent  deepbreathing quiet

So dominoes don’t fall.


Here’s   far from hardly   a mark on his honor

His cowardice

He can cover  less & less

From  himself  least of all

Bravery he saves  to muster love enough

To face away  nothing ,  to  praise   all..






(6 yrs back)