February 2, 2019

lovers,  when asked about lovers

all I can muster, “Is it likely

I even have  likers?”


But I’ve known  you  like  me,

&  I’m too fond of you.

I’m too fond of yr. brilliant squinty eyes;

It’s  faceted blue apatites,

Aquamarine, no, blue topaz,

Wild emeralds,  a hell of a violet spinel,

No, tear sapphires, for real,

No.   Aquamarine.


I’m urged to end virtually all this spelunking business

What?  My time’s up? (& dearly departed?)

I just did “eyes”,     I just got started.






one first verse

December 28, 2012

She hardly manhandles me at all.

While, a fraction, I’m afraid I am fragile.

All, papermache voodoo doll.


They’ll get in the way, the words.

While I set to say  what it’s worth.


We’re past judgement, past & inside gates of heaven.

We agree; it’s seen as greener grass.

We announce; amorous answers, & resolve, at last.