Landscape W/ Red Roots

February 21, 2018



Mangroves  exposed

I suppose  I’m still  within

Walking  trees?

I bet it’s the breeze exposed stalks

Meant deep in the loamy dirts

I Kick through my feet still walk.

Let go away from the vision’s skirts.

Toddle off,

To Twist over a vista he sees

To a view he can see, One he will see.




chaim soutine

Chaim  Soutine’s–“Landscapes With Red Roofs”

s i r e n s

October 14, 2010

even  after  all

is it that listening in   isn’t enough

they turn tough &  pull all the payphones

i doubt we can even call out

the manhandle on us men will

grip  tighter

we’ll all ought slip  nights towards dreams

stretched taut against sheets   sketching

necessary  escape  schemes


they stole my books, & took once again  one word

i told.  sure  i conjured   “sirens”

i scrawled the word more occasions

than the rest   this word

made them guess emergencies would emerge

made them best observe me hard

somewhat  common knowledge boasts

some words  have two tones   most


so when  Sirens  call out..when  they…


then they pulled out all payphones