January 21, 2019



If   he’s  truly  gone

He fell from a tree

Night-vision just finally darkened black

That might happen, if  it’s  true,

When he would move forward to a new branch


I found an opossum  on my lawn

& if he’s truly gone

His  odd  defense

Odd  Lazarus  gifts

Of cessation, resurrection.

Odd mask of death  did drop?

We’d ask if his time was up.


Give  him  a  kick

“Wake  up”

Photo Finish

October 30, 2014

Meandering  men

Me and  these guys

I’ve mistaken disguises

My states ain’t united

Scattered as toy rooms

(Some time alone might fight it)

I’m alone  a lot less  seriously

Tho’ when I’m done/ I went all regretful

Tho’ I’m one with my runny mess, mysteriously

I’d bet on one to win if I wasn’t forgetful