April 18, 2019


To adjoin Your Maundy Thursday observances.
“But, behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me
is with me on the table”
Can you find Da Vinci’s clue to just who?




February 4, 2017




“May  our  miracles

…Not  be  cruel.”

I tipped my head up,

Away from my novel.

So uncharacteristic

From some televangelistic

Noise at the end of Pop’s assisted-living room.

The old & Southern bible guy

Was odd  about numbers, too.

Not magic mathematics about chapters & verse,

But worse,  what words add up to,

& seven is this

& five is that.

His numbers were different from mine.

Maybe,  I was getting it wrong.

The old & Southern crowd was all nodding.

It takes a stadium.

Maybe  I’m


Tho’ mostly sure   that’s it.





(7 yrs back)


June 13, 2013

“Walking into walls,

Ever wonder  Are you here at all?

Try  whistling  this.”                       -Neil Finn, from “Try Whistling This”



To think to paint thick paint

To get down what surrounds a gaze

With ceramic as a canvas

To think  to create; half-charactorize


A conceivable likeness  to what ain’t

                                in a gaze

Just off sides

The edges


I’ve noticed  yr signals,

I have, yr bright wave

I haven’t quite recognized..


October 20, 2012

“This history thing,

I think it all comes & goes.

History comes & goes..

With mystery though,

Mystery  goes & goes.”




On this sidewalk, his sister Heather

Called out  a talk there,  so clever.

As she skipped, she scared up..  too clever.

Could be, she flipped through

What would be  all I had

On  legal  pad.

Or, had she unearthed it  all her own?

Gave birth to it, from some random rhythms?

Sacred chants have brought  out  less.




“This hiss story thing,

I think it all

Comes and goes.

History  comes & goes.

With  mystery  though,

Mystery  goes  &  goes.”