u n e a s y

January 31, 2020

ONE,  he’s  awoken/

Uneasy & broken some night scenes still/

He’s soaked, & might seem shaken/

He sees  he seems  he’s shaking/

He wanders Up for water/

She says he should shower/

He sits with her in his chair.  still/

She said soon She’ll come back to our sleeproom

When She’s tireder./

He requests & requires her/

To pull along  the most merciful cat,/

The kindest cat.



TOO,  You liked it I bet./

I lit yr. cigarette,/

A gesture I saw up late./



Our love of olives,/

Sweet cheeses,  lime,/

We’ll have avocados/

We’ll  happily  dare/

Shiny,  stilllife   apples, bare,/

We’ll  halve  them./



I’ll have  yr. crucial kisses/

(Mainly making me manly) Crucial kisses/

Are as crucial as/

Hard candies/

In a Grande Hotel for Grannies./

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May 17, 2018

Her heartbreaking fuses

Popped one by one   useless

His hearing distant thunders

Scared him, scarred him

far ago

A  steady  rough  ruckus

The  steeds’  hooves  deep in dust

For  needs for tender mercies 

Form  now  in firm phalanxes

not far ago   at all


It’s time again to utter

It’s just possible

I should be able

Not should,  but would

Be  able

To surrender  some.

Surely  if I needed to

I would be able

To  plea;

To tip my big head

Down so that my POV could  no would

Pan down to the gravel

I would be able to fall to

&  plea.

As shooting stars

May or may not show


&   please  me.





.                                                  (from 2009)



March 4, 2016

This  one  liaison

We’ll go so  for foreign films

Our unbridled pillow talk there,

On chiseled crystal chaise lounge chairs,

Will be subtitled.


We’d meet.

One moon  might

Lighten  one  clutch,

Tonight  once closed curtains

Might   much/open/legged  open  one

We’d mean

To go  so far as to

Show our gods of love  lots what they’d bet on,

Completedly   W/some things &

Unneededly  subtitlings.









December 5, 2015

If you’re tired to talk

If it’s too late for listening

My little time to tell you

But I think I just must tell you both

My dreams were dark   no  darker

Much darker than your bedroom

I’m afraid and I need to tell you

I want to tell you to hug me

And to let me under your blankets.

One morning I saw you and they were off

I stood  and  stared

You were the very best thing I ever saw

Both of you were so good  I cried.

I don’t want to wake you

Just my little time to tell you  both

My dreams were dark  no  darker.





( Rockwell Kent, “The Lovers” 1928 wood engraving on paper)
for mom & daddy


October 29, 2015

Aw heck, I may let the bottles stack up

Yet, I got the mettle to

Keep the cat box, the dishes, the dirty deathwishes

All Clean.



For most of this month

Far lost family/ Lost loves

Are all in town/ All at once

I didn’t hear mention

Of a  come ’round  convention

To note  I’ve come’round myself some

To a sort of shortening survival balm.

But I  might note that loves  right here  some  awhile

Just need my focus.  & calm.

Must want my chanting on their smile,

It’s hard chanting for a heart to sing

Against that roar of a scattering  maelstrom

A heart’s distraction thing


October 22, 2015



not way outside the trailer porch screen/

stood in a stance/ an emotionally unbalanced/

unforseen chic/ attention-seeking/

14 yr old girl smoking/

she went and vents some again/

about her derelict parents/

and that she hid in bushes/

rather than come home when called from a running car/

she was sassy but the sec she flicked/

her butt out on the sunny yard/

& was told “Pick that up”/

she put it in a puddle/

(she was in more than a muddle)/

she was a spoon in spitting hot gumbo stew/

more than home  was chaos  in her classroom/

nightly she would walk/

right up & down that trailer park street talking/

no  yelling  to  herself/

someone old at a kitchen curtain/

called the cops & they came &/

appallingly cuffed her and offered/

a ride to a cell she had to hammer/

a call to guardians/ and if/

god doesn’t stammer/

they’d call some help/





That crap in yr creamy breasts  threaten us.


I pray for the day

We lay our selves back

No time on our back

I sing only songs that ring only true

Right to  only to you

In bed we’ll watch “Red Shoes”

We’ll leave off counting re-watching “Brief Encounter”

We’ll listen read & listen to Burton’s reading of “Under Milk Wood”

At least we’ll feast on a breading and cheese plate

We’ll  settle  in  safe

From cancer   and

From  wait.




.A rarity; one night very recently, I felt it necessary to pray. It was on the behalf of (me &) two very different souls; One a stranger, one a love.  –G.R.


September 21, 2015

I heard some guy say

that he was more in debt

than an honest man could pay.


I bet I don’t check my check book but

My needs are nameless

And exceed;

what a deceitful man might utter,

what a sweet woman might offer,

even all a clever man can never call.


I’ll ache,  Cah  Rist!  Icy bone fingers,

I’ll arch-stretch wide and hard, outward to  outsides.

To outsides,  otherwises,  outreaching,

beseeching, imploring.

Discretely exploring

the notion

the ocean

of need

Of Final Nights

April 4, 2014




The taste of the spray,

Back splayed against the lighthouse wall,

Is saltier/ The roar of  final nights

Saddled on sea wall gusts

Is Fiercer/ When strength one requires

To withstand, understand, such threats

Is steadier/ The beacon’s cliff path

Is grounds for  light/ 






                                         (from 2011)


February 3, 2014

I’m so sore I’m sure to call out

And I suppose   surprize them

That’ll  alert them to my hurt

An open wound now

I’ll flinch & grimace

& limp away as surprized as Lazereth

Aware of all this all again


.(from 2011)
.for Phillip, Rest in peace