a bad fall at the stables

August 28, 2018

this disastrous matter is
unexpected of course
a bad fall at the stables
the first thing you whispered to my ear on your chest
once the breathing apparatuses were out
was that  it wasn’t LB’s fault

I’ll have you home alone for some time.
for now I’ll go home alone
Another old thing
I might say  I might tope me some

it might this night help me cope some
another old thing
I’ll bust out hope  just a modicum

May 16, 2009


yes, I’m getting on, Everyone and  god

is.  The aches to be found in blood-

flesh, and found further inside, too,

unmistakenly prove more profound to

me, more noteworthy, at last,

more nights and days pass.



        from the song “Bare” written by Robert Smith/ CURE

“..There are long, long nights

When I lay awake

And I think of what I’ve done,

Of how I’ve thrown  my sweetest dreams away

Of what I’ve now become,

And how ever hard I try

 I will always feel regret

And how ever hard I try

I will never forget”