July 2, 2016




Toe heel  toe heel towards

Light in the woods

Right around  leaves, debris. Eyes downward.

I mean to  indianwalk  to the sacristy.

There,  Icon art  & artifice

May not or may marshall  my resources

To  may not or may dispel my discordance.


I  just  could  crest  over  woods

O’er horizons




There’s often been unfocused fire

Before the rhododendron,

Like off a roadway, on a hot day,

Sure, unfocused  fire

Blurring this entire English garden.

Bumble birds and humming bees,

Warm words tumbling, tumbling on great grass.

Late last night it wouldn’t cease;

The dream is in the English sun.

I took cream in my steaming , strong tea.

Virginia, Leonard Woolf  I could see

With her lot

Iris Murdoch & John I could see

With her lot

Barrie and Carroll

Knelt on all fours

For hours

Playful, cerebral  somehow.

I’m thinking,  As I burrow my brow

Rough for this pillow

I’ll settle, Right now, Near the shade of that willow

& succumb  to cats on a lawn

& three  secret facts of tea roses.





(from 2009)




May 1, 2016



Some seem to see the floor of the sea

as a sketchy, yet effective sanctuary.

They’re thinking, I think, that it’s tucked away

good.  Could be quite quiet.

Would be you’d dream good there.

Sure, it goes that you must breathe much slower.

Sure,  bluegreen cracks for surface lightening.

But, You’ll see that jeweled fishes,

Stilled  with  witness,

Flee at the softest flourish.

And bets are..sandbeds are busy with movement.

How can my dreams take when I’m floating awake?


January 15, 2016

CK2013 004



Winter winds could

only find us cold

on our old

and ancient porch

perched high here in our new air

searching here through our new words

The latest launch on,

off this roof porch in

an old haunt,

this chilly sleepy village,

Off this nest







At, um, elevenish,

a trumpet dumbs up & slows down

that pendulum wiper Swish

(a trying heaven’s muted trumpet)

goes down to ease up at least this town swish

& that conundrum  That one goes down



my vitals are stabler/ I’ll stay more at peace/

I’ll stay here

while  rain & dark run on

on down some

I guess I’ll go slow

To better spot

My  placid  place

Destiny’s  tiny  dot


Must not allow the powers that better be  not

They’re  sure  to  supersede

at Their break-neck speed


Some other man wants

Another  chance

I’ll take mine in

40  years

(in unmarked 10s & 20s)


September 2, 2015

Settling  into  some  rest

I’m sitting on my brother’s back deck

The setting is the Great Northwest

I’m betting I’d best be getting a call in

For the Jaws of Life to  rework   this wreck


July 18, 2015


“Those bells’ve been ringing now for years,Someday I’ll give it all away,That’s how you sing Amazing Grace”      -LOW, from “Amazing Grace”

As specified in final arrangements

The kids could only draw near enough

To temples,  & to what resembles temples,

To take big pictures, big sky country shots,

& pot shots,

For a faraway featuring of folly.




Go down always face  down the hall,

A dawn displays holy sun rays smoke

And on the just rightly out of tune upright bass

My at rest  in peace bare-chested Daddy

Just barely jazzin up most all  of a

New England Protestant hymnal

Ones his mother Grace

Sang through  softly  over & over

Busy with handiwork  as ever


June 11, 2015

“Are your angels just children laughing  insane At the fools we are as men?  Go count me in.”
………           RYAN ADAMS –  from  “THE FOOLS WE ARE AS MEN”



I work hard/ To understand/

But then I don’t know much about it all/

Someone at my night job/

Was all about  this bible’s myth of Jacob/

One where he wrestles an Angel (or maybe More)/

I’m not sure why or what

transcending,  intended

glimmer  &  glow

One   was  to get  here

But I got puzzled  at the wrestle.

If there are angels,  I need them

To lead me to bed,

A warm  arm/wing  around me,

Mercifully,  off to our bed.


February 4, 2015



This life  it hasn’t made sense

To lie or stand  defenseless

This  last  love

We couldn’t count on weapons

We slept  inept w/weapons

Untrained & too tame,

Just unable,   too civil  for weapons





It’s not much of a stretch

(In this sun,)

“Sanctuary” can actually rhyme with