August 24, 2019

I LONG to stay stabbing, & stay above

The sullen, crestfallen  long run of things.


ALONG our river, a song, not near, comes outa corridor

Firelight on a black and white picture. Above.

One  man  walks  on  red  leaves

In a black & white picture  of

The long run of things.


A  LONE  man,  leaves,  and dawn

Draping him.  Not much

Escape for him, in the long run of things.




.theLouis-Philippe Bridge

Le pont Louis-Philippe vu à travers le pont Marie (version flou), circa 1935

[From the Réunion des Musées Nationaux]

Notably to nobody but me
Sea oats punch up any
Photograph, black & white, or otherwise.
There’s something about their
Well-lit grace in a breeze,
Against infinity.
Those sea oats punctuate oil paintings
With strong lines.
Strong lines might serve as titles,
Strong prose might suit me,
“Graceful in the yielding,
Steadfastly stands the beauty.”



.for Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber