August 11, 2017

I’ve had a share of furtive glares & glimpses

Clandestine tiny glares & glances

I now redden to reminiscences

I’m now ready  to try new roads

Step surer into newer eventualities

Bet dearer  on far-fetched gains

I’m pretty sure to shift to uplifting new payloads

Pretty sure  no hurricanes

It could all work out,  take root,

It’d  adapt.

If I’d  freely feel  to enrapture your eye

& I  enchant  your  glare

It’s  as  if

A faster plan

To implement

Into place…

Could only prove

Kind of cruel.


As, Exact


Details don’t fail to play out

More or less  Exact

To all the timetable.


If I’d take the deal

& took the step up  to take the hook,

& hang on to the thing,

Swang around wild corners,

On way to the fire

I wouldn’t fight.

If I would  ignite this one,

Shifting  Love’s  Attention.