September 18, 2019

Photo by Victor Talashuk (unsplash)



On every dawn
I’ll strive to stake out time
To pick up a pen


I’ll squint out the light
Go over my piano
At first, and again


I’ll pull down the shade
Thus I can practice my art
At first, and again


April 14, 2015

They’ll all swear  We’ll prefer


Our own company.   We  accomplice.


They don’t speak for us.

e r a s u r e

January 6, 2012

I’ve submitted my documentation

(It backs me up)

It serves, inside, as the shiny side of my alibi

(This cracks me up)

It might name  time frames

(But not the pretty pictures  they hold up)

I made them aware  of what  might be what.  Right where.


I forbade  the naming of names.



a task you always  ask

is the erasure  of all  the call



middle name

July 5, 2011

like a middle name no one acknowledges

he had his anonymity

and he insisted that the missing

posters thumbtacked to shack walls & telephone poles

stayed  ineffective

displayed  way far  to a

distant  vicinity


November 18, 2009

It’s time to say

It’s just possible

I should be able

Not should,  but would

Be able

To surrender  some.

Surely  if I needed to

I would be able

To  plea,

To tip my big head

Down so that my POV could no would

Pan down to the gravel

I would be able to fall to,

&  plea

As shooting stars

May or may not show

&  please me

Simpleton (II.”PAD”)

July 29, 2009

                 P  A  D

fresh flowers in a front room work.

first look inside, coming home

                                                from work.

sets the tone, sits you down

                                           for real work.

near a bright lamp, anda beer,

anda white blank empty,  near,


where a sharp pen pokes it open

& the joke’s on

words unspoken.