April 21, 2020



Odd that the hat on a scarecrow

Has enough shine to ensure a lure enough

to bug and bird alike,

To draw, and not repel them,

Their wings aim down to light.


April 4, 2020

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I confess

My prowess is

To wait & to watch &

To wit, if fate slips me a quip

Take a sip & reassess then readdress

The matter no later than now


December 26, 2019


West, we rode & wrested away from…save the olde facades of Savannah.

When in Jesus-sodden Southern Georgia

Some sign solemn  told me “try him”,

I ran & ran that mantra by

& waited ’till my lips straightened.


Here, I take my sweet (& dear, fleeting) time

Rake up raw data…


I’m readyish I guess for you to take my order

M I D W E S T ?

December 26, 2019

So I’m at lunch with family yesterday and I decide to offer up an observation to liven up the conversation.
Cable news had an extended piece on the recent earthquake in the Midwest. I quickly revealed my astonishment that arose while watching,
as one after another of the interviews by the surprised victims and citizens of Mt.Carmel, Illinois. The people were wild.
Let’s just say that if a drive-in movie production were looking extras for their “nutty locals” scenes…let’s just say, maybe there was a devastating industrial accident (from the the factory or nuclear plant that had laid off all it’s town years before) maybe a spill or explosion maybe (this along with the unlikely Midwest earthquake thing). Or maybe the circus was in town.

I watched and forgot all about the unlikely Midwest earthquake and keened in on the (and here’s where my biases come in,I’m from the Midwest) unlikely freakish Midwesterners.

Family at the table, where my much-better-half (into her 3rd white wine) imaginably glaring in an imaginably disapproving silence. Until she got to the heart of the matter right away when she brought up the Midwest thing, and got me to admit that I might have been less stunned by the shocking display on CNN, if the people lived much farther South.
She stepped things up by unnecessarily reminding us “In Cold Blood was where?”
I was about to counter to unnecessarily remind her in my rejoinder that her homie’s New Jersey housed the 20th & 21st century’s “All In The Family”, the too popular (and vulgar) Sopranos. Then the food came.

Our quieter grace-prayer might have been “judge not, not really budge not”


December 24, 2019


Once intimate names you were taught to whisper before sleep,

Prayers, Spiritually assisting the adults in yr family

To be safe,

They’ve now too, lived through to be distant relations.

Except when you & Unicef-cards wave to them Xmasses


Now, when this faraway family of this one naysayer

Finally writes to him,

I don’t doubt it’s not without

Very late night kind innocent prayer


December 9, 2019

We’ll go back to the willows

We’ll go back to our willows

And to our river’s stillness,  no,

It’s constant as rivers go.

We’ll lend our laps as pillows.

And watch our water

Littered with new leaves

Wet on one side,

It’s lit…a sun jewel

& you’ll be sunny too.




December 6, 2019

Left  on  Moody.

Now stop at three amber-yellow lights.

It’s not because of the cops & cameras,

But most here run the red ones.

Look  both  ways,

And straight as you can,

I’m on the right.

Pretty  sure

My porch light’s out.

I’m down on my steps.

Pretty sure I’m on the right.



November 17, 2019

She said I am deaf as a bat

At least I think that

So she yelled  like I’m a child

Folks in the grocery think it’s wild,

& turn their heads  to her, than me,

Or politely  towards the floor.



.HANDCUFFSjohn cameron- photo


October 4, 2019



Stylite Yu, photo 



When we get a might old & quite daft/

We better wear sweaters as we waffle whether there’s a cold air night draft/

When we don’t remember/ all the holidays in september/

When we won’t remember/ When the hearth needs more timber/

We’d do windows wide open mornings/ & doors too snow storming/

Fruit left last long past their sweet-point/

Just short of when vermin/ just cavort into the joint/

We’ll start to tell our dreams, last night/

It’s a cinch/ we’ll end on that rain-drenched island, right?/

We’ll toss & turn on real green moss/

& you can barely feel we’re wearing wet white/

On a hunch/ Our punchlines/ Without fail/ Will get filled in/

On a promise/ Our premises will trail off & off & off again/


We’ll lose the car keys of sensibility/

We’ll lose some to the dark scenes of seniority


Together    so



We will never forget to never let go


September 28, 2019




I can Recognize, but hell, I can’t Realize so well.
I’d drink more coffee but my cardiologist insists I don’t
I’d drink more coffee but my heart man prescribes “not so smart, man”.

I’d think more whiskey would push me to bask at last in a primal light,

but my general practitioner generally frowns about practicing until I get it right.

I’d read more but eyes see less.. I digress,

I’d come 2/pray more/give in/give more/dream-sleep in/weep for once/

walk the lit dark like I used to/ Take in the dark light. I’ve so far refused to.

I can Recognize, but hell,

I don’t Realize so well.