September 28, 2018

Mostly most of my lovers I’ve let go  & still know

I’m  faithful.

Y’know, belittling me..(so I’m blanketing you with talk?)

Go shut down your psychic powers

I’ve just put in twelve hours

At the hospital reteaching my much better half how to walk.


She fell off her horse in a storm.

Lightening spooked both of them  the same time.

The dumb animal stood by her/  in all the wet.

It might have bolted/  the thunder said “Go!”

The Wild  and men are meant to just go.

I’ve pity, not hatred

Alive but domesticated, caught in its net



Muscles Quip

June 26, 2017

I confess

My prowess is

To wait & to watch &

To wit  if fate slips me a quip

Take a sip & reassess then readdress

The matter  no later than  now


It’s meant to be  a pair of documents,

Y’see, But I signed both.


Caught, I could  share   the clench

He put on that  pair of documents.


Bright lights washed this whiteish room.

The solemness thing   a candle brings,

Though I searched,  all the shadows had no shade in this room.


We digressed some away from

the heart of the matter

When he stressed  my stories were

fog & mirror


I’m sure I concurred  that if

Scenes and factors shift

From tellings to retellings,

It seems the fact is  seems shifty.


“But plainly, a  planned  lie,

A tall Alibi, that had ironclad  unchanging,

Mimicry! is one word for word bed story,

Read to children.


Isn’t that one good bet

That wins & sets the liar free”


I think he let it sink in, and then set.


“And you expect me to reject

Classic casebook investigation technique

& instead of  doubting inconsistency,

Instead ..One consistent story

Is a tell tale “good bet”

for Guilty?  And yet,

changing ones tune again & again  is uniquely

Honest?   it’s best to revise to clarify..

As one more clearly

recalls  new  old  details?

Just as pieces of night dreams

Resurface  into..Really??!”


“Um, yes.”


November 8, 2014

If I lost strict control  some

I could prick all billion bubbles

If I left  lost  some

I could remangle my mumbles

‘Till concision  at any cost

I’d come  to untangle dareknots

‘Till a guilt spilt relief

Stains the air & remains there

help save my other job, let yr representatives know


February 2, 2011

The spot around front of the kiosk,

Slush, where boots shuffle &

Kick against each other for

Imagined  warmth,

The spot was never free

Of soldiers & students,

Fully responsible shop owners,  &

Curious drunken wanderers.

There was always a new thing to read,

To talk about  without

Thinking about it much, &

To accept   when one did,

Here in what was the courtyard.


November 9, 2010

I’m sure

If I would lie  &  understand

I could stand to stake out some assurance

On  my  end

(I would take out insurance)

And I would try to try hard

It’d likely  be easy

You’d follow suit.  I’d know you do it.


We’d be able to surmount  some day

The insurmountable  oddstuff   we’d say

Probably his phoning her

                    & promising her he

Likely  will leak  the phrase

“Blatant fact of  charm

For a one armed

Big tent  high wire act”

Into one of his plays,

Would be all of their downfalls.




When it must come time

For me to present my  1st line of   defence


I’ll  jump  a  fence.


I love a little alcove

One one can’t see from the Lighthouse Tree


I’m safe until I can’t sleep still


Seems my dreams  by day  may try to betray me

we talk

June 4, 2010


In a world when women and men

Are children w/games,

Playing hard  truth seeking

And harder  at hiding,

In a world where words barely matter,

Rarely more than chatter,

Her talk is straightforward tender

As after rain haiku.


Gee  no   gentle  rain.

Our muffled kisspers serve as

Counterpoint to gods’…


Lightning up this sacred joint



August 29, 2009

Treaties prove more a token,

Dontcha think?

A fakeout move to placate

What’s spoken

Or whatcha think




Creative quiet might surely cure

What ails a failing  relate.

What’s more

It’s  whatcha  think