August 22, 2017

“Under the willow tree I hide my mirror,

small enough to be mistaken for morning dew.

I look for a point of origin, something to explain how and why

we all must see it through.”          



Encased  in  impasse,

I couldn’t even eye other passengers

past my papers.

I wouldn’t watch what

my window offered:

small towns, & all their lights,

Reflections, inside, of us riding passersby.

We keep on sweeping by.


Inspecting  these all  aspects of my work,

Taking stock,    this stall  is a lock still.

Y’see, yesterday’s night

I ran nine yellow lights,

& Just as there were dares that didn’t time out right

I’ll just decide to still ride




















the sublime opening verse is from my favorite online poet

Allison Grayhurst, from “Eating From An Imaginary Spoon”











HARD 2 (Then’l Be)

February 8, 2016

While my hand is hard  on the banister,

Wave  yours  up.

I can make for a better grip

Before I take you up

I swear then’l be my answer

As secret pals,


Assuaging  all  coming,

We just won’t resist succumbing

All over  to this trance

Of our certain circumstance.




I might I might just sometime

See the chance

&  right  rock

To smash that lock.


October 16, 2012

All along the long boulevard,

This. & the next,  intersections,

All the lights  go fall to fire yellow.

I’m warned  on the timing  of untangling  my jam

On Waiting

October 30, 2009

you might understand

tonight  it’s that no one stands at the station

that the train sped by

where you wanted off but waited

for any indication

you were good to go

you might understand

lightening morning, late that more waiting

won’t shift dark back.

stars sift back into hiding

coquinas get back in wet sand

both staid and still, hid in plain sight until

when it’s good to go

you might understand

today it’s hard to know you’re not

guarded & unguarded

back in our own room

at full bloom, in our garden

but back home to feel “real life” resume.

Lover, your heart will go onto

the pros & cons, contemplating

while waiting when we’re

good to go