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FOR NOW (And Always)

December 31, 2012

I’m shy again  of patience  a luster needs

I’m short again  of the finish line

                                 a good ending needs

Nope,  no polishing off

Rough rubble, crude raw  cast-offs

I’m sure again    I could figure

New angles for a better shine

The sun’s  up soon  to change all that

For now,  found words  are fine.






“For where the beginning is, the end will be.”
– The Gospel of Thomas

you really should already know how sick I’ll be

when all hell will be able to tell yr vulnerable

It’s on   that yr protector will abandon and

It’s on   he must go far, real gone

from close enough to stand by you

.     .     .     . and hold yr hand by you



when  storms of transition

wetten yr face  & the space of my apparition


August 8, 2010

Chairs and tables re arrangement

Chances are enable a new look

At hackneyed background scenery

And that seriouser still life   like “Life’s Work”,

My wail  at a stand stail.

A new look on furniture

For fun  will force structure

To manhandle content &

Every one of my captions

Under justnow windows,

As this new sunrise happens,    for instance,

And  the new prose

It lights on.