May 11, 2020


I’ve kept dread at bay

We’ve not slept plenty this plague

I’ve made despair lie

Down and roll over

It’s easy to master it

Authentically accept it.





photo credit- Altoff (pix)


March 10, 2020


It’s the last page

The legal pad is over

At a fast pace

Just words have wandered off

I just waited for them to come

I just guess waiting is for the best


It’s the last page

Which will never fill all out

Like a life will fill a face

Just stories scar the drafts of

Fictitious faces with..within these eyes

I just guess telling, sounds like, is for the best


It’s the end page

The yellow pad is over

Seems like magic seems to be the case

Just word poems merely Grace the page

“Only I can keep my hearts claim”

I just guess poetry is unknowingly for the best







March 10, 2020


I may make a little make-believe

But I bet when I typeset my type;

Chisel gray poems for the foreign to read,

I’ll stand by all stories I tell the wife.

On the stand, I’ll perjure myself to myself.

But then there’s a fierce fire, uncontrolled,

when I hear, “he’s a liar, so I’m told.”


What I say, when I must is

Only partially, & hardly to blame.

The code me & my god go by

Only improbably applies.

Only I can keep my heart’s claim.






(for sunni, honestly)



























August 29, 2019

I  should  share


the one sacred secret

it’s true that I love you. You.

from every crows nest  to airy cloud crests

in exaltation  I’ll be (exactly) True


by all my breath I call

cacophony  worth  wording

I’ll trill hard truths until they soften

I’ll fill all air, alerting


“It’s true I love you. You.”








February 27, 2018

“Ill  at  ease”

Will be one accurate way,

When  I can think then straight about it,

One apt way to shout it.

They  say  they

“Say it as it is”, (they’re pissed)

They say  ” just being honest, man”

“No B.S.  man” (slurring pissed)

They’re weak to only “speak their minds”.

And when I,

Gently as I can,

Retranslate to that guttural, but frank tongue,

I  see

They’re consequently


&  then there’s me  in this blinding  open lot

W/blood on my shirt.


December 31, 2017

picasso is said to have said

“Art  is the lie that tells the truth”.

seems  if he did, seems valid.


(Though  some tries  along these lines

can only shine as sly & slippery lies)


His muy good joke/

& lucky for our sake/

Actually/  the accidental awaits

us/  Fog & smoke machines make

bonfire smoke signals rise up

until unreasonably  sound  Beauty clears/

Us holding the pen? we’re  without a net nor warm blanket.






Sure, sweating stallions are dynamic

& may have beauty

but some  Clomp! the blossoms

god & me made.

clods  now


December 15, 2017




My god my marygold

You’ve had such a holy hold

On this old drifting imagined world

You’ve banged open the till

Abundant with bundles  apparent now

Inside this  2-lane roadside  joint

Trucks rocketing by

You’ve had such a holy hold on my

sprouting spouting spurting words of my own godly modern love/

My own heart murmuring/ my idleWild  chit chat/

My own head concurring nodding plodding plotting

“Don’t take this cup from me”.

I can ante up.

What I can bring to the table.

What I can ad lib/ to fib  my own fable.




.                                                            (from 5 or 6 years back)


November 17, 2017

I say  “shudder to think”  is a gothic cliche’

But at times  all too accurate,

The  strictest  depiction,

When I would  shudder & shake some

As I stood  on my sidewalk  in lieless sun

With what I witness,   with what I thought



There’s not  much white light

In the shadows I can cast


Cognizant Nugget

October 23, 2017

I heard in the crosswords

Cain killed the Keeper of the Sheep

“Learn something  every day”

For most of it though  don’t go and lose sleep