September 15, 2020

A  woe-filled  man/

Awoke  fully  aware/

Of  all   his  inside/

Awful   hide/


The look on his puss

Was  so  lugubrious

It shook the kids to laugh

All hysterical  until it all

looked   they were dancing


August 16, 2016



When the carousel  comes to where…

When the maelstrom makes certain turns to…

“This is where I came in!”

I’ll quip, and wink, and break up the fourth wall

I’ll step off,  & start off,  forcing a freefall,

& any form of  free  I will welcome.

If I find my feet  I can become

A pilgrim  on path,

A pilgrim back  filling his path.



October 15, 2012

When I don’t hear from her

When we don’t talk

Instead of what might

just happen in late night

screwball comedies,

A black & white


Where he keeps just missing her,

& unknown to her,  her one & only is  so near,

& you watch  & wait for them to wise up,

For when their timing improves.

When I don’t hear from her

When we don’t talk

Instead of just sitting tight,

& trusting the plot twists,

& our protagonists,

& all that insignificant subterfuge

Until it all plays out that

They can take cuts in the

Everything’s-Fine   waiting line

Instead of that

He keeps just missing her.






(from years back, and now)


October 5, 2012

We came early, & drifted off at the drive-in triple feature;

The last of which..the gist I guess..

A  religious  epic.

Though,  In this version

There’s a ghost in most of the rooms,

They’re suggested  each chapter.

The hero’s  a clown. & The man is a virgin.

He wears a bird bone  near his neck,

A leather bag, He has stowed in..deep..

Eleven numbers  &  notions.

Sure, he’ll ‘ suffer  predictable and/or intolerable


And when come  martyrdom,

We’re all safely asleep.


Big Moony Skies

October 1, 2012

I’ll give a knowing nod

To the brother inside the  IPod

“I rub my wounds with alcohol”

I love the sound of fuck all

I feel everything but small

Enraptured under big moony skies

Where prayers stand a chance,

Where joy awakens eyes,

Guts are calm, but  hearts  beat  restless

&  Dance as there’s  a man and moon romance.


September 28, 2012




.I hate that

It came out  not right

Translating  with all my might

I misspoke.. you mistook…

I’d cracked a crooked smile, not smirk

I’d factored in the farcical

Nature  of  nature.





It’s that  it’s sad that

Few hymns  from pews  will praise

Coincidented   chaos.

Sad, we’re not force-fed all the fanciful

Nature  of  nature.



August 30, 2012

this is retrieved from years ago, it showcases a damn fine vacation, one I am about to repeat, starting tomorrow. I thought I’d reprint it to mark a “time out” sign here. See ya in a coupla weeks.




I’d say Seattle’s a city that’ll likely

Set you so free that you’ll likely

Be reminded of the high flight where you might just

Find me,  plowing clouds way way above the bird play.

I see Seattle as a solution

Not too much a town to touch down to w/

Warm outstretched arms on a runway

To catch a wretched, falling runaway,

A getaway  on holiday.


II.     W A K E

“Guests must remain on the patio”

Insisted the sign in a winded sun.

I read it right there  in my Adirondack chair

On a cliff  so clearly steep.

I feel I might have fallen  deep

Narcoleptically Asleep again, Though surely,

The luringly named

Pacific Ocean below

Drew me here, to it’s  wake up here

This pace  maker  peace

could liven this



There’s this tree, I took three pictures there.

A tree creatively crooked

& pointing down most of the Oregon coastline.

At least three pictures.

It rather weathervaned  the ocean edge

& pointed, as a staggeringly lovely hag

might with her stick. A crow

lights in her hair, & All of it

blown forward

down the edge.

seattle09 032



August 29, 2012

“Truth  Be  Told…”

Is an old  start to a story

You never heard from Grandpa Gallagher

As he held court

For any ear  near his

Prominent  living room chair & ottoman.




August 19, 2012



An imaginary daughter infers

“This towel, I know, is broken.”

Her imaginary sister says

“It folds just fine, I’m certain.”


The fast truths they’ll fashion

I shouldn’t say “shouldn’t”   but

I should not, say, shield my inner circle but


Ospreys, in droves from all the mangroves,

Will Amass, and ambush..

They’ll waylay for a waygoing eagle.

Ferocious foes.

Perishing eagles most need to go to their mates as

All their instinct, all on their plate,

Until all their will   will bleed best,

Until their blankest slate.



My,  as  your

Achy arching edgings

crycreep in my tip,

I get ideas

I get the idea

Life’s oldest lovely law.


It’s not been my story  to take inventory/

It’s  I can’t even fake  worry

About what I have, What I would want/

I suppose  I could pose  but I can’t/

It’s  said/

An  unexamined  life

Is  good  as  dead/

I said/

A body afloat, & solid thoughts will float too, y’know/

Lofty thoughts  not  caught  can ride

On all tides  High and low