always, it was his alleys  to town

then, streetlighted streets  through and through town

then, Dawn’s alleys all the way, aways and up  from downtown


call off yr search

It’s all been a hoax

I haven’t been far

I have only been barely fair

I’ve barely fought my fog-like fugue

It’s hugely due to pointless and errant

innertubing,  buoyant

On turbulent,   or at least

Aimless  sees


May 1, 2009

I was looking through a big black garbage bag from the back room loaded with writing from way back, (for something “revolutionary” from my spirited youth, to be honest) and thought that before throwing a notebook away I’d take something to keep and show here (right from the inside cover, something I used to write on bathroom walls across the country) maybe not Reaching Out revolution but inner… getting what’s mine.

” I was so much older then…”



“Inner space is the place to go

Close yr eyes and flow in that flow

You’ll get wise to what you already know”