“Those bells’ve been ringing now for years/Someday I’ll give it all away/That’s how you sing Amazing Grace” -LOW, from “Amazing Grace”







As specified in final arrangements
The kids could only draw near enough
To Temples, & to what resembles Temples,
To take big pictures, big sky country shots,
& pot shots,
For a faraway featuring of folly.
Go down always face down the hall,
This dawn displays holy sun rays smoke
And on the just rightly out of tune upright bass
My at rest in peace bare-chested Daddy
Just barely jazzin up most all of a
New England Protestant hymnal
Ones his mother, Grace
Sang through softly over & over
Busy at her own handiwork as ever

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May 8, 2021


photo\Josh Hild (pixabay)

It’s too real when I realize I am A-one of the fools
Caught in a who-done-it with too many clues
In the rain, we’re freezing wet, on a frozen earth
In an undependable tent with a too deep berth


May 6, 2021


“Life is short, and Art long; the crisis fleeting; experience perilous, and decision difficult.”  -Hippocrates

.“In the fog you are sheltered against the outside world, face to face with your inner self. Nebulat ergo cogito.” (fog therefore I think) -Umberto Eco..

There’s fog.
Then, there’s people landing planes at all hours.
There’s dogs chasing birds
on runways. And one way those people in those towers
can plan to, and see to, land planes is
the guts to go with the guages.
They heartfelt dealt with data,
Trusted all they’d seen
on their farforeign &; onlyman-made monitor screen.
As dogs flushed their fog,
hands hover over lights
and cover their old bets,
their usual action.


,                                                                            from 2009

s u s p e c t

May 6, 2021

What were they thinking?

I’m not to leave town

I’m a faceted test pattern blinking

Personas of interest renown

Only to the powers that be


Ok I get cagey occasionally

Ok yet I remain w/the reminder

Of stoic stands that’ve been

Lost, inconsequential,

Costs monumental to just a man

seattle 2014 065



May 6, 2021

photo-Eva Elijas (pexels)


You know that it’s been too long since I’ve encountered you

I know that verb is way too formal

But way too many nights yr far

Way too many hours. I suspect what my heart is beating is true.

Times, I feel out of place. Here, is way out of place,

There’s the laughter in yr voice, yr phone voice.


Still staying honest, It’s the only trace

(Until I see yr face) of the lifeblood 

Of a happiness.


If it is a blinding mist, in a life unexamined

I can make out a happiness.


May 4, 2021

“But by seeing it all bottled down and battened up”





But by seeing it all bottled down and battened up

One would see it underdeveloped

One could even not sense it at all

At any rate it’s fraught with difficult



It doesn’t demand a response

It can all be slept through, & through

It all can be turned from, to mecca

In any day it expires, like cats and cottage cheese


May 2, 2021


Erato Delgato (a facsimile) https://www.deviantart.com/lady-compassion/art/Sam-Healing-Her-Scars-646600188

I own my own muse
uncannily, I can amuse me it’s fairly common knowledge,I think, that some Irish may
consider a spot of poteen and a pint at the end of a well-spent day…
God’s pay for a day’s good work. All earned.

Erato Delgato
I knew her in grade school.
But at that time I couldn’t beseech her,
My art teacher. She wore a beret.
I’d plea for my piece now
To be or not to be put
In her “art show or book.”
It was a swirl of grays, greens, and black
It was my ship aswirl in dire waters
It wouldn’t make it to land
I never set my eyes on my art piece again


April 30, 2021

artwork- Mondschwinge  (pixabay)



Paint’s dry, the flag goes back-up today

Soon as the sun’s up, then

Patinas put inner shit to shame/

“Watch me now” comes from fully cold flesh.

Not a heart’s love it’s in lieu of/

It’s funny, the value of things/

Even a jewel is diminished/

Out of a cereal box.


April 26, 2021

There was nothing to see nothing to doubt” —
 Radiohead, from “Pyramid Song”

ART- dARKmoonArt_de (pixabay)

“There was a guy I thought I knew

He was out to home depot for a pole

(Though he was tall, the very high spots, painting his house)

He had seen that the truck-trailer behind him, I heard,

It had painted on it, “Wise Up!

Feed The Hungry.” He thought that at the next stop

He’d jump out, and run back some twenties

He’d opened his door and got out without a look

Some inpatient hot-head gunned it to pass

And PULVERISED my pal before he could turn his head/


gods are funny sometimes. & other times, not.